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Water meters feature numerical readouts that make it easy for you or your area utilities board to keep track of the amount of water running. Whether the meter is mounted in a ceiling, a pit, or an inaccessible room, these units give remote access to the meter reading. Zenner ppd water meters are tested and comply with awwa c700 and iso 4064 performance standards. A zennernek testreszabott megoldasai vannak minden atfolyas meresi feladatra a tobbsugaras kapszulas atfolyaserzekelotol az ultrahangos technologiaig. Zenner water meter reading zenner water meter zenner cold. Tee pieces or gate valves that are not completely opened within close pro ximity to the meter, effectively influence the measuring result. Dear reader, water and energy are valuable commodities. Many items sold by usabluebook require supplemental training, licenses or permits for proper use and may be harmful if not used properly. Zenner products water meters, heat meters, gas meters.

All zenner performance meters have electronic output capabilities for easy conversion to automated meter reading. Singlejet dry dial water meter etk 45 singlejet dry dial water meter the universal meter m22 is suitable for a variety of application situations due to its range of adapter pieces for installation length adjustment from 110 to 165 mm at 34threads and 105 to 190 mm at 1threads. The symbols on the water meter dial, accepted for decades, have chan ged on the basis of the mid. Ccwd reads you water meter every other month to determine you water use and water bill. The modern construction of the compound water meter is the turbo compound meter, in which the main meter, the secondary meter and the spring loaded valve are all assembled on one plate. Make sure no heating water escapes during installation this can cause. Water meter box water meter installation box for domestic water meter our water meter installation boxes are made of high grade plastic. The main housing and cover plate are made of epoxy coated ductile cast iron with round flanges, except for the 2 ztml02 meter which has oval flanges. Below are examples to help identify the type of water meter you may have and give you instructions on how to read the meter. The main housing, cov er plate, measuring element, and sealed register.

Water was an object of interest of leonardo da vinci. Precise suring ect ion cylindrical piston meter for cold water nominal flow rate q 3 2,5 4 m3h mid installation in horizontal or vertical position low starting flow rate low pressure loss modularis totalizer, retrofittable with modularis amr modules approved mid water meter cylindrical piston meter composite. Complete installation instructions can be found on. Zenner wpd wphd water meters bulk water meters bulk. Korzystanie z naszego serwisu internetowego bez zmiany ustawien dotyczacych cookies oznacza, ze beda one zapisane w pamieci urzadzenia. Feb 26, 2015 heat meter cooling meter zelsius c5 from zenner duration. Hersey meters repair kits american backflow specialties, inc. The zenner ssv enables utilities to shut off and reconnect water services remotely.

Each cad and any associated text, image or data is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization or realworld item, product, or good it may purport to portray. If water meters with a potential free reed contact are connected to the inputs the connection can be made in any direction. The version mnkmfn is retrofittable with pulser reed for remote readout. The zenner mnkmfn is a manifold water meter for cold potable water.

Available as a handheldoperated system or integrated with the zenner stealth amrami system, the ssv is an effective solution to a host of billing, service and field issues. Monitor your water use watch for water leaks locate your water meter locate the water meter on your property, usually located in a concrete box near the street labeled ccwd. The mnkmfn combines a multijet register with a robust brass housing. Npt 20 gpm brass alloy and polymer cold water, displacement magnetic drive meter with wall pad cubic foot. This can be seen by the broad range of applications in which the meter can be used. Water and sewer are currently billed in units 748 gallons per unit and the rates are multitiered based on usage with an inclining block rate. Zenner performance meters is located in banning, california. Irt water meters are ideal for moderate to dirty water conditions. Woltman meters are by construction sensitive to the incident flow profile. A mikroprocesszor altal vezerelt elektronikus kiertekelo egyseg a homerseklet es vizmennyiseg adatokbol szamitja ki az elfogyasztott homennyiseget. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Installation instructions for water meters and heat meters zenner. Cables leaving the meter should not be laid parallel to live cables 230v, minimum distance 0.

Our online new zealand store offers a wide range of quality water meters at wholesale prices. How to read a water meter all cfpua water meters are billed in thousand gallons. Find out which events we will be attending this year. Apator powogaz catalogue 2011 en benco baltic engineering. Zenner usa warranty for multijet and positive displacement. Water meter and telemetry module compatibility list. Zenner vl9m remote reader for water meters with encoded output applications. Download this free cad block of a water meter installation detail. Hersey meters repair kits american backflow specialties. Korzystajac ze strony wyrazasz zgode na uzywanie cookie, zgodnie z aktualnymi ustawieniami przegladarki. A mag netic coupling transfers the force between the wet area and the meter. The only moving parts in the water are the rotor assembly and vertical shaft. We are also distributors of ford meter box company products including meter boxes, setters, clamps, couplings and many waterworks items. Zenner supplies a wide range of water meters, heat meters, gas meters and amrsystems worldwide that make a precise consumption billing possible.

Water meters, heat meters, gas meters, amrtechnology for over 100 years, zenner has been one of the leading suppliers of innovative measuring technology. Zenner ppd water meters utilize a magnetically driven, positive displacement, oscillating piston design. Zenner block 2 assembly block for flushmounted water meter minolist er2 the new zenner block 2 with its small dimensions is currently the smallest assembly block for water meters in the world. Stealth reader miu warranty 20 year with proration. In its simplest form, the meter can be used as a purely mechanical meter that utilizes a woltman sty. Based on the defined volume of the measuring chamber of the rotary piston meter a more precise recording of consump. Water meter number last 8 digits of the meter where the edc module. For heating systems with a lack of temperature mixing resp.

Zenner leadfree multijet water meter, gallons, 2 flanged leadfree brass alloy design meets requirements for potable water usecomplies with nsfg requirements meter reads in gallons. The advantage is that the meter body can remain in the piping during periodical replacement, and the calibratated measuring insert simply needs to be interchanged. They are magnetically driven and hermetically sealed to prevent fogging, and eliminate dirt and moisture infiltration. Wireless remote readout of water meters with walkby. Zenner displacement type magnetic drive cold water meters. Disconnect the crimp connection and copper pipe from the angle valve. Kg declares that this product with the number of the ec typeexamination certificate de12mi004. The maximum heating water temperature at the flow sensor may not exceed 90. The three fractional dials measure quantities smaller than the. Zenner leadfree multijet water meter, gallons, 2 flanged.

All zenner singlejet and measuring capsule meters are dry dial. This cad detail has been drawn in section view and includes annotated text. In our download area you will find installation instructions with all the information for installing our water meters, heat meters and systems technology. Mtkdm with 8digit rollers register and modulator disc for nonreactive scanning for radio wireless mbus, mbus or pulse. Measurement control systems mcs meters water, gas, mass. They should not been thrown or subjected to impacts and excessive vibration. The meter is suitable for water temperatures up to 50. Our product range also comprises of kranti water meter, anand asahi water meter and capstan water meter. Zenner performance nitro i water meters are tested and comply with awwa c708, iso. Mcs measurement control systems is the number one distributor of the number one gas meter in the world. Bf kat pr en 140414 water meters and heat meters from. Water meter installation box for domestic water meter our water meter installation boxes are made of high grade plastic. Call or email us for more information or customer support.

Their multijet design stands up to the occasional sand and grit that typically clog conventional meters. May 02, 2018 zenner water meter reading zenner water meter zenner water meter amr zenner cold water meter, it is the invoicing system in which heat and water consumption can be measured and invoiced as. However, some meters measure the water in cubic feet while others measure the water in gallons. Zpm bronze turbinemeters mcs meters water, gas, mass. Troubleshooting common water meter problems written by doityourself staff. Droughtprone areas need a sure fire method to help prevent water wasting. Anand zenner water meter water meter wholesaler from mumbai. Woltman type water meters can be used for flow rates higher than qn 15 m. Bulk water meter zfseries wphzf sizes dn 40 dn 500 wphkzfin dn 50 wphkzfn dn 200 a modular approach was used in the development of the wzf meter series.

Bulk water meters residential water meters apartment water meters energy meters system technologies gas meters all that counts. This unit is used whenever a water meter is not easily accessed. The main case is made of bronze with round flanges, except for the 112 and 2 meters which have oval flanges. Zenner cast iron turbine meters consist of four basic components. The use of transition pieces or adapters is not permissible. Water meter housing made from fortron 9141l4 sd3039 pps celanese experts supported kamstrup as with design optimization, moldflow filling simulations, fem calculations and local technical service during processing. We supply our customers with a complete product portfolio. Universal meter m22 singlejet dry dial water meter. Zenner catalogues and broschures zenner apartment water meters catalog apartment water meters file format. Zenner zzenner informationsenner informations information on the mid the measurement instrument directive. Items sold by usabluebook are intended for use only by professionals in the water and wastewater treatment industry. The specially designed paddle wheel measuring device provides a free water passage resulting in low head loss and the ability to accurately measure water with high levels of impurities or debris. Automatic water meter transceiver cover letter 2 details for fcc id 2acoawm2e made by zenner performance meters, inc d. Make sure no heating water escapes during installation this can cause burns.

Wm2e automatic water meter transceiver cover letter cover. Mtkdn with 7digit rollers and magnet pointer for pulse output. Residential water meters our multijet turbine meters as wet dial model are characterised by the fact that the impeller shaft is connected directly with the register. When used in normal potable systems and installed with an appropriate strainer on the inlet side of the meter, zenner usa warrants its water meters and. The netafim irt water meters are designed for irrigation and sewerage metering. Flomec has released product dimensions, cad data, and specifications for their flowmeters and other devices. Here, you will find important information, background and facts about measuring technology, water meters, gas meters and heat meters. Water meter installation cad detail cadblocksfree cad. Metrons verizonpartnership allows for fast and frequent radio transmission of water data 247. Zenner recommends to use direct temperature measurement and not to use immersion sleeves. The water meter odometer records water use in cubic feet and displays as follows. The zenner product finder helps you to find the right zenner product for your individual needs.

Problems with water meter readings and function can stem from a variety of sources. Performance characteristics wet dial register construction. Customer removal of the register to obtain free water is prevented through the. The zenner bulk water meter wpd wphd is specially constructed for the measuring of high flow rates. Precise measurement results are achieved, even where the water quality. The wssc regulatory services group, inspection services unit evaluates hydraulic requirements of the plumbing fixtures only when determining if the existing water service connection and meter size are adequate for placement structures and remodeling. Any water moving through the meter is detected so even small leaks will register. Edc module with installation manual, fixing screws, yellow adhesive securing marks, water meter lid. Click here to download our latest product literature. As there is no scrap value of this surface box thefts are kept to a minimum. Fortron 9141l4 pps meets requirements for use in the drinking water sector. Zenner performance bronze turbine meters consist of three basic components.

Water meters are a very useful way of calculating the average or nominal depth of water applied to irrigated crops. Waterworks supply company water meter and water metering. Screw the copper pipe or corrugated hosepipe to the outlet side of the washbasin meter and connect the. It is important you are aware of your regular water consumption for such activities as running the dishwasher, laundry. Due to the heavy duty construction they are very robust and prepared to withstand manipulation attempts. Water meter and telemetry device compatibility list z20 pub0063002 october 2017 page 3 of 33 water meter compatibility for ert products encoder erts part numbers a 60w encoder, inline connector erw0771202 60w encoder, 5 cable erw0771212 60wr encoder, remote erw0771422 b. If you receive a monthly water bill at your residence, then your water usage is monitored by a water meter. Kg declares that this product with the number of the ec typeexamination certificate de08mi004ptb012. Zzenner informationsenner informations water meters and. Wpd wphd is a woltman bulk water meter with parallel turbine shaft. The digits from right to left represent 1 cubic foot.

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