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British gas homecare number 0843 455 0157 report a boiler fault. Email us using our simple form and well respond within 10 working days. Then a few years ago we needed our boiler replacing and relocating so we had someone from british gas to advise us. From oneoff repairs to annual service visits, its easy to book an engineer appointment with british gas. British gas customer service free number is 0800 107 0184, available 8am8pm mondayfriday, and 8am6pm saturday. A british gas engineer came back to replace a pipe and to deliver some shocking news. But, when it comes to servicing your boiler its also number one for complaints. Just had to call the emergency line because of the way british gas left my incomplete boiler in a dangerous state with a gas leak from dodgy welding and messy pipework.

Access your account to see your bills, send meter readings, manage your payments or book an engineer for an annual service or repair its easier online cookie notice we use cookies to improve our website, follow up on incomplete orders, and show you relevant ads. Misleading british gas adverts for 365day service are. The service takes around an hour to complete, depending on the level of work required, and you can book. If you want to go down the legal route, what would you bring a claim against them for. Homecare 300 british gas house damage and other problems. I have been paying 16pounds per month for a homecare insurance with british gas. Lives at risk as customers forced to wait days for repairs british gas customers with the misfortune to suffer a boiler breakdown this. When you phone this number the advisor can log complaints about the service you have received from british gas homecare, you might need to complain about an engineer who was late or didnt turn up, or an unexplained charge on your bill. This will be performed on a day and at a time that suits you. Complaints that would be better handled by the energy regulator, the office of gas and electricity markets ofgem. Courteous and professional, willing to listen and assist especially if you suffer from illness, only downside the warm front campaign helping those who live on the bare. Do not trust british gas staff because what they tall you are lying. British gas homecare products british gas are one of the uks leading energy and central heating suppliers with over 6,000 engineers nationwide.

We are committed to working hard to provide an excellent customer experience. Just tried to book a boiler repair and the earliest appointment is the 20 december. An afternoon visit was arranged and the engineer arrived within the agreed timeslot. I have been with british gas the whole i have been with british gas the whole of my married life, which would be approximately 59 years. The engineer lee phoned another engineer to get help and we was advised to book someone else to re visit. You can book boiler repairs, buy homecare boiler cover, chat to an adviser, monitor your energy usage and do even more in just a few taps. Once our homecare account was set up we arranged for an engineer to come out to view the boiler. If, as a result, you have lost out financially or been substantially inconvenienced you may be able to claim compensation.

Step 2 acknowledging your complaint we understand that resolving your complaint quickly is of the utmost importance, but to ensure we reach a fair outcome for you, we want to conduct a thorough investigation and this can take time. Resolve your british gas complaints for free resolver. A british gas engineer came back to replace a pipe and to deliver some. Last sunday i was away and our boiler ceased working and my wife called british gas homecare and was told that the next available appointment was in 8 days time, despite talking to a manager who admitted that the service was simply not good enough. When you book a british gas annual service, a british gas engineer will visit your home. When toilet is flushed there is a loud banging noise from the hot water tank area, like a pipe banging against the wall and hot water tank not filling completely with hot water. I was in the process of leaving british gas due to previous bad experience with british gas, i think all of your engineers could learn a lot from mr mctiernan. At british gas, we work 365 days a year and visit over seven million homes annually. Lee passed me the phone for his manager andy to explain. An important thing to note about british gas homecare pricing is that what. Bloody british gass stupid home care service mumsnet. If youre not happy with the service youve received from homeserve, call us or send us an email and let us know. Jan 11, 2010 like many other complaints i got all new pipe work and old radiators replaced by british gas for. They look at whether their resolution was correct and fair, and whether the compensation awarded was fair.

Adverts for british gas s home maintenance service are misleading and should be banned from further broadcast, a regulator said today. British gas customers with the misfortune to suffer a boiler breakdown. From annual service visits, to keeping your boiler at peak performance or oneoff repairs when your hot water has stopped working. Green deal are the same as for the ombudsman services. Are engineers able to come out to do necessary maintenance. If you purchased a product or service online, you also have the option to visit the european commissions online dispute resolution platform which will help route your query or concern to british gas andor the relevant ombudsman. Oct 24, 2016 when you book a british gas annual service, a british gas engineer will visit your home. However, it was only when i called to book an engineer and bg staff asked for my policy details, it reminded me that i failed to chase them as, i had not received. We have a british gas homecare 200 central heating contract, and the annual renewal recently became due. The cost goes up each year though even more if you call them out lots, weve argued a couple of times and had the new bill reduced. You can fill out the follow british gas complaint forms online, or mail a letter to the. If you have a complaint regarding british gas homecare contact your local trading standards office.

We also share information about how you use our site with partners, who use it with other data to show you relevant ads on other sites, and to check ad performance. Here, we take a closer look at the homecare range from the uks biggest energy supplier. He said that the best place for the new boiler was in our walk in airing cupboard because it had an outside wall for the vent. Ups and downs of having a british gas homecare contract. Youll get a visit from a friendly, fully qualified engineer wholl fix your boiler and get your. Easy to switch suppliers but needs to send final reading letters out sooner. Is a plumber allowed to fix our boiler during coronavirus outbreak. Was actually a british gas employee and not a subcontractor. British gas pays their engineers a bonus for every powerflush they sell, so the incentive is there to force this upon anyone they think can afford it. British gas homecare one, two, three, four british gas. The company has operated this way since it was bought up by private investors. The homecare cover products include boiler protection but can also be extended to cover your central heating, drainage and even electricals. Whod have thought fitting a boiler could save a life.

The boiler would need new parts, but they were inexpensive and should arrive quickly. Never had a problem getting an engineer out at shortisn notice. You can book an annual service visit using your online account or through our app. Twentyfour hours a day, seven days a week you can call to book an annual service or to book an engineer appointment for an urgent breakdown on 0333 200 8899. So i am no longer paying this extortionate fee and have said goodbye to british gas homecare.

British gas homecare customers can use their online account or phone 0800 072 8217 to book a visit from a fully qualified british gas engineer. Emergencies if you can smell gas in your home then you should phone the national gas emergency 24 hour telephone line. Following a problem with my boiler throwing up a fault code and powering down a british gas engineer visited. It will investigate customer complaints and its decision is binding, so british gas would have to pay up if it found in the customers favour. Apr 25, 2016 we have a british gas homecare 200 central heating contract, and the annual renewal recently became due. Green deal, you must do so within six years of your complaint to us. And provides central heating services such as boiler maintenance and repair. He explained that i needed a complete flush out of the system which would cost 440pounds. The service takes around an hour to complete, depending on the level of work required, and you can book an annual service 3 months in advance. We had loads of issues with our boiler a year ago and they came out several times and worked really hard to fix the problem and replaced lots of bits of the boiler etc and sorted out our problem. Booked a visit with british gas, requested an unvented engineer. British gas adverts banned for misleading customers telegraph. At british gas, we work 365 days a year and visit over seven.

As its name suggests, british gas is both british owned and based. You are at the most expensive tariff and you need to urgently look for an alternative energy supplier. Utilise this number to get in touch when you are not happy with your services. It is ridiculous that a bg customer as to use a comparison site for the best fuel prices. This invalidated my building and contents insurance. When the paperwork arrived the annual charge had been increased from. If you need an engineer to repair your central heating, plumbing or electrical wiring, or are a new customer calling to find out more about the homecare service, please call the british gas homecare phone number provided above. Jan 07, 2009 british gas adverts banned for misleading customers commercials for british gas s home maintenance service are misleading and should be banned from further broadcast, the advertising watchdog said. Customer credit actrelated complaints which should be handled by the financial ombudsman service. If your appointment is due, youll see a link to book your annual service. The british gas site said i had been put on a waiting list as they didnt have any smart meters at present. Like many people i took out a policy with british gas homecare for a once yearly boiler service and a 3 star call out service. Although booking a washing machine repair engineer is rarely done in writing, the law still considers such an arrangement by telephone as a verbal contract and if the engineer fails to turn up they have broken that contract. British gas is a trading name of british gas services limited which is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.

Carry on browsing if youre happy with this, or click here to manage cookies. Complaints and reporting illegal gas workers gas safe register. If you would like to make a complaint or contact british gas in writing, you. Download british gas and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. Received letter on the day they wanted the readings and had to go.

We use cookies to improve our website, follow up on incomplete orders, and show you relevant ads. I explained my reason for changing supplier to british gas as my mobility due to my operation is not very good. You dont need to be an sse customer to use our breakdown services. How to book a british gas engineer for a breakdown numbers. The engineer missed his slot after 6 weeks, and i had to rebook. British gas have hijacked my account from eon due a mix up of cross addressing 2 years ago and now say i have to close my account with eon and then pay them for the last 2 years worth of gas when i have already paid eon for the same period. However, you dont have to have a homecare plan to call out a british gas engineer for a repair or an annual service on 0330 100 0079. Ive had british gas homecare cover for ive had british gas homecare cover for 3 years and they have actually been really good at fixing faults. The customer service desk is closed on sunday and bank holidays.

Boiler breakdown cover eliminates the hassle and stress of having to find an engineer in an emergency. Sse and edf energy in the fourth quarter of 2019, with just 1,228 complaints per 100,000. British gas homecare maintains boilers and renewable energy home appliance services. Just had notification from british gas homecare that our. At first news of british gas moving over to payzone i tried to go online to book for one of their smart meters. When you notice the first signs of an emergency, it is best to call 999 right away and then inform british gas of the problem. British gas s homecare cover left us without hot water a homecare engineer came to service our boiler. Complaints that would be better handled by enforcement or advocacy bodies such as trading standards or citizens advice.

British gas customers outraged after being charged up to three. They offer a range of maintenance contracts of varying degrees of cover which can also include plumbing and drains. The tv and radio commercials stated that homecare is there. British gass homecare cover left us without hot water. Contracted out to non british gas engineers despite the sales rep telling me how many new engineers had been trained up and were waiting to do the work. December 25, 2019 merry christmas and a happy new year from british gas. If all companies had a employee like brendan there would be no need for a complaints procedure. British gas is a leading energy and home services provider and a subsidiary of centrica.

They should not be allowed to call themselves british gas anymore, when shttish gas is a more accurate description. This was done after seven years of british gas nagging me that my pipe work under floor is faulty to the extent slapped a unsafe notice on the boiler with instructions not to use. If thats okay, continue to use this site or click accept cookies. I have a homecare contract for my central heating system. Its still the biggest energy company, although it has been losing customers for a while. The engineers are well trained, and work efficiently. British gas is the leading energy provider in the uk and was the first provider to cut domestic electricity bills by 5% this year. Within 10 minutes of arriving, the british gas engineer had diagnosed the boiler problem. Spend less time running your home and more time enjoying it with the british gas app. British gas provides a popular way of protection for your boiler, heating, electrics, plumbing and drains. If you wish to book a british gas engineer for a breakdown, use the contact number above to get in touch with british gas customer services. Use this comments section to discuss problems you have had with british gas, or how. Customer james purling took to twitter to complain about the charges. British gas complaints has one of the lowest level of complaints for an energy company via resolver.

I want to say, british gas is a liar, cheater, and scammer company they will tell you a lot of lying stories like you are at the cheapest tariff. If an engineer doesnt turn up can i claim compensation. After another 4 weeks, the engineer arrived to tell me my boiler is too close to my loft hatch 6 feet and they could only support me with a safety rail, in case a disabled technician came and fell through the hole. The problem was diagnosed and resolved by replacing the heat exchanger and fixing the seals one of which had a minor leak. I have never had any problems with the company or its employees. We will write to you to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days from the receipt of your complaint. All was fine for the first few years, i didnt bother them and they didnt bother me, the contract was renewed the premiums increased but i thought i had peace of mind being.

British gas homecare is a scam moneysavingexpert forum. How to book a boiler engineer if youre without heating or hot water. Whether youre a homecare customer or not, see the different options to book a. If you have any information on businesses or individuals carrying out illegal gas work, you can report them. I have now been liaising with the boiler manufacturer who have arranged a visit to not only inspect make a report but also provide a full service for a reduced one off payment. Heating cover can offer security and assurance that a problem can be fixed quickly avoiding an unexpected and potentially expensive repair bill. British gas is the uks largest domestic energy provider, supplying around a third of homes in great britain with gas. So on the 24th march 2005 i rang british gas and said, quite emphatically that i had not signed up to fix my energy prices and did not want a capped prices account.

Simply choose a date and track your engineer online. They may arrange an engineer visit to your new home to make sure the boiler meets the british gas criteria for homecare cover make a complaint if you would like to make a complaint or contact british gas in writing, you can either write a letter to the address given above for british gas customer services or contact them directly by phone. Ombudsman services, the energy ombudsman is independent from the energy industry and whilst it is funded by case fees, it is required by ofgem to ensure its judgements are fair and reasonable. Make a complaint about british gas homecare by calling the number. British gas should always make sure loyal customers are offered the best prices. Book engineer visits if you have cover with us book oneoff boiler repairs if you dont have cover with us buy energy and. You can book boiler repairs, buy homecare boiler cover, chat to an adviser, monitor your energy usage. I was visited by an engineer to assess if my system was good enough for them to cover me. With over six thousand gas safe registered engineers. Using an illegal gas worker could invalidate the warranty on your boiler and may invalidate your home insurance. Jun 24, 2011 british gass homecare cover left us without hot water a homecare engineer came to service our boiler.

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