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A different kind of desert san gabriel valley tribune. Getting to the pumpkin patch is done via the desert oasis road trip. See also the gas domes mud pots and the pumpkin patch. West butte, wind caves, slot loop trail geschlossen. I started going to supersition mountain about 4 years ago, along with a place we call 12 bridges between plaster city west and the city of ocotillo, and havent camped in ocotillo wells sence then. Just outside of ocotillo wells, near anzaborrego desert state park, sits a geologic phenomenon called the pumpkin patch due to the rocks size, shape and distribution in the field. Why are the rocks a consistent shape and size and how do natural processes continue to expose more of these rocks over the years. If youre up for some hiking, wind caves trail will take you to some neat wind caves. Anzaborrego desert state park, california poi desertusa. Really, it is a tradition here in borrego springs, explained our guide, joe. Pumpkin patch ohv trail geschlossen california alltrails. Ok here it is i am going to give it out, these are the best rides in ocotillo wells.

Seven rides are included and complete sets of tracklogs for each ride. To get to the pumpkin patch you will first pass 17 palm springs as well as 5 palm springs. The pumpkin patch is a protected area of ocotillo wells srva. Pumpkin patch ohv trail is a 7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near borrego springs, california and is rated as moderate. Visit lake shasta caverns things to do in redding, california mount shasta california, redding. We must be talking about a different place because the ocotillo wells that ive gone to is really a fun place with lots of hills climbs cool trails to ride on great destinations just havent had time to get there i will have to look up some pictures and post them here. Theres a ton of geological action at work in ocotillo wells, such as the active gas domes, the odd pumpkin shaped formations in the pumpkin patch, and the oyster shells at shell reef. We had heard about pumpkin patch, so we did some research and found sketchy directions out across the desert from highway s22. These geologic oddities are found only in this small area and are definitely worth seeing. All of the guides trips chapters are plotted on a map of the anzaborrego region. Pumpkin patch offroad trail ocotillo wells svra, ca youtube. Ocotillo wells svra join desertusa as we take a look at what draws so many people to. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up.

We took our time to get out and enjoy both of the palm oasis. Pumpkin patch borrego springs, ca tourist information. The desert can get very hot so when we finally reached the palm trees and found some shade our children and. Fish creek wash, anzaborrego desert state park, borrego springs, ca 92004. The odd phenomenon found here is this small patch of land that. I drove in from the ocotillo wells side on the pumpkin patch trail in my grocery. Complete gps tracks and ride descriptions are given. You need to go to the neighboring ocotillo wells for ohv areas. Along with the map of all the trips, there are separate maps that just show the trips for a given category, such as 4wd trips and geology.

Wind caves anza borrego desert state park dec 8, 2011 pp. One reminder, if you plan to ride there be ready for sand. Guide to the pumpkin patch in southeastern californias ocotillo wells vehicle recreation area. I originally drew a route around ocotillo wells that explored the ocotillo badlands. Pumpkin patch anza borrego desert state park, ca that. I never thought i would give this stuff out, but i am and i encourage everyone to share there best tracks also. Pumpkin patch via arroyo salado road and tule wash. Such concretions are believed to be formed by the natural cementing of sand particles to a small object such as a piece of shell, a grain of sand or even an insect. Ocotillo wells get a map at the ranger station to find pumpkin patch, artesian wells, little peoples, etc. Dont use the coordinates for the pumpkin patch on your gps, it wont be able to take you there. A hidden gem in anza borrego state park, pumpkin patch is a unique area covered with peculiar round rocks.

There is a toilet and lunch area with picnic tables as well. Click here to view a video of ocotillo wells and the pumpkin patch. The next junction is unsigned, go left here for another 0. On the way there, dont forget to stop by our favorite slot canyon hike. From ocotillo wells, travel another 1 mile to the pumpkin patch on your right parking situation. The rocks along this area are circular which definitely makes it look like a pumpkin patch. The trail is primarily used for camping and off road driving and is best used from november until march. This is the area in between the s22 and highway 78, this. Pumpkin patch ohv trail closed california alltrails. The pumpkin patch is a little known, but spectacular, geologic wonder located in the ocotillo state offroad vehicular recreation area. Over square miles of desert are open for offhighway exploration. This is day 2 to continue with the first day wildflowers anza borrego s. Pumpkin patch located just east of theanzaborrego desert state park border is a collection of funnylooking boulders known as the pumpkin patch.

Gas domes is located on ocotillo wells svra and not in the state park. The route leaves camp and heads east across open desert crossing tarantula wash through the hills and across pole line road. Vista del malpais anza borrego, ca that adventure life. More anza borrego hiking drive to this hike the pumpkin patch is not the best place to hike, so we found a place within the park boundaries. Large tracts of blm land to the south and east are also open to offhighway vehicles. I drove in from the ocotillo wells side on the pumpkin patch trail in my grocery getter 2005 honda pilot.

The pumpkin patch, ocotillo wells state recreation area. Pumpkin patch ohv trail geschlossen ist ein 7 meilen langer, wenig besuchter hin. Sadly, the pumpkin patch has shrunk over the years. Help preserve the pumpkin patch and the nearby ridges where new pumpkinsize concretions grow. The pumpkin patch is located just east of anza borrego desert state park boundary, in the ocotillo wells srva. Best thing about ocotillo wells is i know the sidebysides, quads and most bikes wont be in anzaborrego desert state park because only street legal vehicles can ride there. Boulders in the pumpkin patch, ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area, california, usa. Pumpkin patch earthcache gc23xat was created by the fossillady on 2122010. Dont forget to stop by fonts point if you have time to see the complete view of this gorgeous badlands. Bremner if you are on an atv or touring around the ocotillo wells state vehicular recreational area, be sure to stop by the pumpkin patch.

Includes color photos, maps, rules, regulations and links to nearby locations. One of the most extensive mud cave systems in the world, they contain approximately 22 known caves and 9 slot canyons. Download its gps track and follow the itinerary on a map. Ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation areaocotillo wells state vehicular recreation ar pumpkin patch these round rocks were created long ago when the climate was wet, then shaped through centuries of erosion. In spite of the torrential downpour and flash flooding, we pressed on and completed what should have been an easy siteseeing trip through the desert, but turned into a six hours mud run.

Pumpkin patch near anzaborrego fleet science center. For hiking the svra should be avoided in the weekends as its rather dangerous and because of the high amount of fine dust. The name pumpkin patch is due to the sites unique structures called concretions that resemble a pumpkin patch in shape, size and distribution. Area attractions include discovery center, rc vehicle trail, amphitheater, blowsand hill, devils slide, barrel springs, shell reef, pumpkin patch, gas domes, artesian well, wind caves, and more. A member on scuff just posted this for all of us stvdiego a true desert dog. See more ideas about desert pictures, wellness and borrego springs. Ill visit ocotillo to see the sites and the crazies but i cruise most of it slowly due to all the kids and the sxss. Ive read elsewhere that the roads are easy and that you can take any stock 4 wheel drive vehicle in. One of the more geologically interesting places in the anzaborrego area is the pumpkin patch.

Ocotillo wells ohv day run, pumpkin patch, and gas domes. It is a point of interest where you can see sand concretions shaped like pumpkins. Its a not chosen size geocache, with difficulty of 1. The wind caves, with fish creek wash in the background, are a short hike. Wikiloc california borrego springs pumpkin loop trail. The odd phenomenon found here is this small patch of land thats covered with pumpkinshaped boulders. I had to reception to check in but thought this place was pretty cool. The site of the pumpkin patch has a large dirt parking area with picnic tables and a bathroom. Route 78 outside of ocotillo well s, borrego springs. I found a place called the pumpkin patch, in ocotillo wells, where round rocks littered the ground as if it were really a pumpkin patch. Including the spectacular wildflower bloom of spring 2005. Anza borrego pumpkin patchthe adventure portal tap into.

Includes color photos, maps, rules, regulations and links to. This unique pumpkin patch is actually a collection of geological oddities in the barren desert sands of ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area located along the eastern fringe of san diego county. The arroyo tapiado mud caves in the carrizo badlands of anza borrego desert state. The borrego badlands, arroyo salado and parts of the ocotillo wells svra. Ocotillo wells best rides gpx tracks adventure rider. Across the highway is the ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area. The arroyo tapiado, carrizo badlands mud caves of anza borrego. The cave pumpkin patch is a family owned and operated pumpkin patch in miller county. Depending on your imagination, these caves can look sinister and unearthly or silly and. Ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area hike. You can take the wash north and eventually get to ocotillo wells. Pumpkin patch octillo wells lemon grove, california. Bluin rv park, 2189 highway 78, borrego springs, ca 2020.

It is a real long haul, about one hour from the nearest pavement. Ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area major geologic forces are at play at ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area which is caught in a tugofwar along the boundary between the north american and pacific plates. Usa, california, ocotillo wells, anzaborrego desert state park, odl dune buggy. Ocotillo wells is the perfect location to enjoy your motorcycle, quad, buggy, jeep, truck or.

As cooler temperatures return to our county desert areas, its now a good time to discover some of these fascinating features. The pumpkin patch sand concretions ocotillo wells near anzaborrego by l. This is the area in between the s22 and highway 78, this area includes. This adventure route winds through the san felipe hills canyons, then a bit of a maze through the mud hills passing by pumpkin patch.

Located within the ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area, youll need an offroad vehicle to get to this remote location where there is an enclosed field called the pumpkin patch off the tule wash which features numerous pumpkinsized concretions, or round sandstone formations. Sep 23, 2017 the pumpkin patch, ocotillo wells state recreation area. Mud caves, as many as 22 caves and more canyons to explore. Mud caves one of the most fascinating points of interest in the anzaborrego desert state park are the arroyo tapiado mud caves. And for the jeep enthusiasts out there, the scenic tierra del sol trail is a mustdo. Pumpkin patch 25 photos local flavor ocotillo wells. You wont be taking home a pumpkin from this patch the. Weve listed the coordinates for the actual pumpkin patch and 3 different entrances above. Riding anzaborrego desert state park adventure rider. From hwy s22 at arroyo salado primitive campground you can 4wd or hike to the 17 palms oasis, 5 palms oasis, una palma and the pumpkin patch at anzaborrego desert state. Pumpkin patch at the nearby ridges of ocotillo wells state vehicular recreation area. Before you leave, also make sure to explore the awesome giant metal creatures of. Controversial new wind farm at the south border of the park.

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